Golf 2016

The day dawned bright and sunny as 116 golfers descended on Pleasant Valley Country Club on June 27th. Together with event sponsors, they raised $80,000 and made a strong statement in support of the children of Worcester County.

The message throughout the event was loud and clear, “…we want every child in the Worcester Country foster care system to have the caring support of a CASA Volunteer. And, we are going to make that happen.

Special thanks to: 

Tournament Presenter - The Dunn Family Charitable Foundation.
Tournament Benefactor - Jack and Marci Williams - Wednesday’s Child
Tournament Benefactor - Lee, Carol, and Matt Tesconi 
Tournament Sponsor - David, Abby & Lydia Tesconi

CASA is celebrating 35 years of fighting for the neglected and abused children of Worcester County. We deeply appreciate your continuing support.

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