Become a CASA Volunteer

Become a CASA Volunteer...

there are 3 steps 

1. Complete the online application.
2. Pass a background check.
3. Complete a training course. 

The course is offered four or more times each year, provides an overview of CASA Volunteer roles and responsibilities, and includes the following topics:
  • Child Protection: CASA, the Courts, and the Worcester County Dept. of Children and Families
  • Introduction to the needs of the children we serve
  • Case building - interviewing and investigation techniques, report writing, and understanding the children we serve
  • Panel discussion with experienced CASA Volunteers
Upon completion of the training course, you will receive your first case assignment. A staff case manager will assist you, guide you, and provide any resources you need. 

Administrative assistance is provided by the CASA office.

The average time commitment for a CASA Volunteer is 6-8 hours per month. We ask that volunteers commit to the case until it is closed. A typical case lasts 9-15 months.

Volunteers speak...

"I became a CASA volunteer and donor because even in a little place like Worcester, the severity and complexity of the cases is staggering. 

My Goal as a CASA volunteer is to move the needle in the right direction into a desirable outcome; my contributions are not always profound and immediate. You have to trust that over the long run, you have a positive impact in all your cases. 

Your involvement will be rewarding, what you’re doing is right and has impact. Some (cases) will have a better outcome than if you had not been involved.” MS
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